Our main purpose is to challenge and inspire you to create yourself a better butt. And yes, ‘perv-worthy’ is a valid goal!

Butt Challenges

Specifically designed to whip your butt into a better shape, why not try one of our challenges today?

Best Butt Exercises

Squats are not the only way to train your backside. Learn all the best butt exercises here.

Welcome to The Better Butt Challenge

Welcome to The Better Butt Challenge

Hello, My name is Jolie and I’m here to challenge you build yourself a Better Butt! “What on earth is all this talk about ‘better butts’?“, I hear you asking. Let me explain. Our main goal here at The Better Butt Challenge is to

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Sick of workouts that never hit your glutes? This list of programs is the answer to your problems. All of them are highly glute-focused, and guaranteed to get your booty burning.

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