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Confessions3 months ago
A dad friend of mine, who’d read my recent piece on making sexual assault in the news a teachable moment for kids, forwarded me the following tweet from…

Pop Culture4 months ago
Happy International Trans Visibility Day (March 31st)!Unfortunately, it's not all balloons and supportive hugs: Trump's list of discriminatory actions against the transgender community so far is too long to list in a…

News4 months ago
Pantsuit Nation, the private Facebook group of around 4 million members, was originally created as online camaraderie for Hillary Clinton supporters in the 2016 election but has since morphed into a sort of support group for…

News4 months ago
Utah excels at socializing male supremacy and female acquiescence.While students at Kanesville Elementary in West Haven, UT, were not required to take part in the Valentine's Day sixth-grade dance, those participating would…

How To4 months ago
The powerful, unapologetic, detailed statement of Brock Turner’s rape victim made public recently touched a collective nerve, resulting in a huge outcry on social media about…

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Classic Vibe
Your pleasure chest isn't complete without this famous "back massager" that can magically pull out orgasms from even the toughest cookie.

Remove film, open EGG, remove lubricant, apply lubricant, insert, enjoy!

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Wear your sunglasses at night with these 4.5 star–rated shades. Three-thousand reviewers can't be wrong! And you can't go wrong at $12.99.

Must Film
A mini lifestyle action camera makes capturing life’s adventures easier and twice the fun, with everything you need like built-in Wi-Fi, apps for editing, printing and live…

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